A Layout Designer For HTML Canvas     Crisp drawing and perfect look and feel is important for the projects those used by millions of people, like Collabora Online .     As you know, Collabora Online keeps your data safe on your server. Renders the files on the server side and enables users to work on large documents with many device types easily.     Documents are rendered in parts on the server, then they are sent to the client. Client merges the tiles and shows it to the user. Parts (tiles) should have no gaps between them and they should be crisp. They should have the very same look as when the document is opened with desktop version of Libre Office.     Collabora Online achieved this goal many years ago. But the software technologies are evolving very fast, as the time passes, old solutions may not work with the new rules. We realized that rendering tiles by using HTML & CSS & JavaScript collection, may create gaps between the tiles and there may be some other difficultie
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